Hermes shoulder bag for the beginners

The herbag, born in 1998, is a bag that can be disassembled and assembled in all parts of the world. Its appearance is very close to kelly. The main material is canvas and leather. According to different parts, its size, color and shape can be adjusted. Therefore, it has been very popular among Hermès fans since its publication.

The handbag is probably a basic bag type for every OL, and the non-Garden Party handbag is the most practical and popular among women in the Hermès family. The reason why it is popular is simple, it is unparalleled practicality. Strong storage capacity, convenient opening and closing, classic wild style never let people keep it high popularity.

The birth of the small vegetable basket Picotin was inspired by the feed pack used to feed the horses. Its shape tends to be barreled, has a strong ability to hold items, and is relatively lightweight and easy to carry. In 2003 it traveled its evolutionary version of Picotin lock, added a strap to the opening, and fitted with a Hermès exclusive lock. The main circulation now is the new version. Picotin lock also has four dimensions: GM, MM, PM, and TPM. PM is the smallest and most popular size, it can put wallets, mobile phones, cosmetics and other portable supplies. It is the best partner to go out for lunch and take a walk.

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