How to spot real hermes crocodile leather

Hermès Hermes is a French luxury brand that began in 1837 and has grown from a purely hand-crafted workshop to nearly 200 years. In particular, its Kelly “Kelly” bag has always been a hot commodity in the fashion industry. It still upholds the traditional handcrafted tradition of the craftsmen. Hermes’ Birkin (BK) bag is also very popular and the deepest impression is that the Evergrande boss has participated in 13 years. At the time of the two conferences, the large H-belt with twinkles and twinkles was a good eye-catcher. Hermes Hermes expensive individual models due to limited production or even priceless market, even if the high imitation is limited to the cost is not cheap, small make up Hermes Hermes up to the true and false identification method for your reference.

Hermes’s leather is the brand’s signature leather with the best leather. After special treatment, it not only has a light fragrance but a cortex taste. The cortex has a full grainy appearance and good gloss. High-imitation Hermes’ leather bag has a dull, grainy appearance, or it is either too soft or too soft or even has a chemical smell.

Familiar with Hermes’s children’s shoes know that the original Hermes’s alignment is a diagonal line, there will be no straight line mix and match situation, there will be false. In addition, the genuine needle eye is neat and subtle, and the pins of the imitation goods are larger and the edges are irregular.

Authentic Hermès Hermes leather logo is a hand-printed letters, not necessarily all fit together, but must be clear and elegant style, no blooming. This place is very well done. What is worse is that the entire logo is stamped out with a stencil, not according to one letter, and there will be horizontal stripes. Some of the imitation goods will be pressed one by one, but the edges will not be clear enough.

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