Hermes Investment Management Leader Looks good at China’s innovation

Gary Greenberg, Head of Emerging Markets at Hermes Investment Management, believes that there is a huge opportunity for the Chinese economy to transition from a low-end to a higher-end manufacturing. Greenberg is also optimistic about the Chinese banking industry.

Greenberg said at the Reuters Global Investment 2018 Outlook Summit that he believes that the Chinese government will make every effort to let the economy quit dependence on high debt levels, in order to reduce the proportion of debt in economic output, China Will need to increase productivity.

“You see, China is buying as many robots as possible. The growth of robots in factory automation, science, the Internet of Things, smart cities, smart factories, smart infrastructure and smart cameras is incredible.”

“China is embracing Industry 4.0, which is essentially a combination of industry and electronics. This is the subject of our investment as much as possible,” Greenberg said at the Reuters Summit.

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