Hermes “Wonderland walk” Exhibition

In order to pursue ever encounter, each Rover must pass through a fantasy by the desire to find their own jungle, ramblers stick, open the door after the strange unknown world.

Hermes gather inspiration since ordinary life, the ingenuity of interpretation of the essence of Paris culture, in the discretion of the liberal arts It is quite common for the city, walking leisurely leisurely in understanding between Yi zhi. Over time and space shuttle, outline the poetic realm of the virtual and real world, let the thoughts wander between Yun Qian, again passes inadvertently minutes drip.

The exhibition by the Bruno Gaudichon Hubert Le Mr. curator, Mr. Gall served as the set design, the two masters in the ingenuity of interpretation of Pegasus products, the perfect interpretation of the essence of Paris culture. At the same time, Hermes also invited a special Chinese artist, Ms. Wen, to participate in the creation of other street art. Each rover will be in walking to realize sustainable Hermes pursuit of dreams and spiritual freedom.

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