Hermes birkin bag comes from this woman

The platinum bag is a package of Hermes (Hermes): Hermes Birkin. French singer Jane Birkin has a plane to Hermes (Hermes) fifth president Jean Louis Dumas complained that now can not find excellent workmanship and practical large bag, so the president of Hermes for her specially designed a handbag, and named after her, this is birkin.

Today to visit the Hermes even today fashion unlimited inspiration women slim, with slightly messy Qi Liuhai, two big eyes, inspiring laugh like a child childlike innocence that Jane Birkin. is her platinum package inspiration, also is the real source of platinum package name. What about her life story?

Born in London in 1946, the father was an English officer, and his mother was a famous actress. Jane Birkin was interested in artistic performances from childhood. He had a marriage at the age of 19, and he divorced after he was born at the age of 21. Then in the film “Slogan” by French directors, Jane met the most important person in life in France – Serge Gainsbourg.

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