The first Chinese hermes designer

Not every artist can keep his color under a dazzling halo, but Ding Yi can be unusually calm. The “Chinese rhyme”, a silk scarf designed by him, has been fresh out. Will be launched in Shanghai in 10th anniversary China Hermes celebration on September 7th.

Take a look at Ding Yi’s performance. From the end of 80s to the end of last century, there are more than five exhibitions of paintings every year. They are exhibited in France, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Croatia and so on. His paintings were bought and collected by many art museums.

Ding Yi, the original name of Ding Rong, graduated from Shanghai College of Arts and Crafts and Shanghai Univer Academy of Fine Arts. The original Chinese painting has a solid composition and color function. 17 years ago, when he walked out of the campus, he liked abstract painting and even changed his simple style. This style of art accompanied him with the name for 17 years.

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